Les cours de soutien sur Breaking Smart

Private tutoring

✔️ One teacher/one student

✔️ Academic assessment offered before the first class

✔️ 60min, 90min or 120min sessions

✔️ From the 2nd primary cycle to the end of the bachelor's degree

✔️ From 45.-/h to 63.-/h

✔️ WITH follow-up between classes

✔️ All subjects in the Swiss system

✔️ Direct booking possible

Group courses

✔️ One teacher/2-4 students maximum

✔️ No academic assessment offered before the first class

✔️ 60min, 90min or 120min sessions

✔️ For secondary II level (gymnasium, matu pro, etc)

✔️ From 33.-/h/Student to 22.-/h/Student

✔️ Without follow-up between classes


✔️ On request by mail or via the form

Les cours privés de Breaking Smart

Why are our private lessons effective and different? 

Our teachers have a bachelor's degree, a master's degree or even a PhD, but above all they are continuously trained and passionate about teaching.

Our virtual classroom, the Smart Room, allows maximum interactivity between teacher and student thanks to fun tools. Thus, the student is no longer passive in his learning, as it is almost always the case in school, but he is an actor of it and ACTIVE.

Finally, each student benefits from a follow-up between classes by his or her teachers. The Director also follows up each student meticulously and offers monthly reports to parents.

What are the advantages of our group classes?

The dynamics of a group course are very different from those of a private course. Students can interact with each other, work together in small groups in "separate" virtual classrooms, and learn from each other's mistakes, in addition to what their teacher is teaching them.

Students also have the opportunity to explain concepts to others, one of the keys to effective memorization, all while actively using the tools offered in our virtual classroom.

This is obviously the most affordable formula in terms of budget, while maintaining an exceptional quality of course.

To give you a better idea, here is an extract of a Physics course given to 6 students during the lockdown in Switzerland by our Professor Philippe A.

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